Thursday, December 24, 2009

Six years ago today, we stood in a court house surrounded by friends and family. It was the best Christmas present ever. We waiting to hear the judge tell us that we were granted full custody of Mason Lane McCain. That night Jamie sang "Mary Did You Know" at the candle light service at church, then he announced to the audience that, on this morning he had become a father to a son.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ok, so here is more to that great story....
On Sunday Jamie, Mason and I went back to the hospital to visit Sammie. Mason asked if we could go get a soda. So Debbie Mason and I went to the hospitality room to get a soda. On our way to the room, I saw Julie and her family...(that is the family that God sent us to sing to on Friday) Of course I was in sweats pants and a sweatshirt, hair in a ponytail. So I said hi Julie, when her eyes met mine she knew who I was. He family followed shortly behind her and we were all so happy to see one another again,knowing that Christ had put us together in a special way two days before. She had a story to tell me about how they ended up there.
On Thursday was her Grandmother's 103 birthday!!! That day her grandmother fell and broke her hip, the week prior to that they had lost their family jewelry store. The week was just bad. Friday they were felling heavy and having a hard time, they went to their Christmas special at their church that Friday night, after it was over she called her grandmother in the hospital to tell her they were on their way to come visit, she asked her husband if they could run home first, he said no let's just go ahead and get to the hospital and visit for awhile, Julie agreed that was a good idea. What she did not know til later is that as soon as she got off the phone, her grandmother began praying that Christ would show himself to them, that she knew they were struggling and that she knew seeing Christ would remind them of "how great is our God"
That was 30minutes before she ran into us in the middle of center pointe hospital singing "How Great Is Our God" at that time she did not know that her grandmother had prayed that prayer for them (AWESOME I KNOW!) How awesome is it that her grandmother was on the same floor as my father in law and again we were blessed by how close God leans in when we just ask him too!!
That's not all.....As we were leaving the hospital we were walking out the front doors and I saw a lady her new baby with a pink hat on and her husband, remember the new mom we sang for in the baby unit?? It was them!!
They were checking out of the hospital to take their new baby girl home :)
That night I thanked God for all these wonderful things he had used me for, I also prayed that if Marley was not here yet to send me another foster baby or an infant to love on til then. The next day we got a phone call from adoption and beyond, can you foster a baby girl this holiday season?...ummmm YES, she has not been born yet, her mother is a teenage girl and ready to deliver any day now, she is already dilated to a 4 and we need a home for her after she is born. So we are waiting for that phone call to get to love on this baby girl til she goes to be with her adoptive family, but thank you Lord again for answering my prayers. Beloved friends, he is listening, what is your prayer right now??
We love you.
One more thing, we had a donation of $1000.00 put into our account today for Marley Claire McCain today, if you know the words already to this song, sing it with me, it's getting closer, believe it's coming, around the corner, we are gunna make it!! AMEN

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is not about Marley today, but God moved BIG today and I wanted to share this uplifting day with you.
My friends Melissa and Wendi and I went to sing for Plaza Heights Baptist Church this evening. It was on the calendar and we were looking forward to it. We sang a few songs, felt like we blessed the folks there and return felt blessed. Last year at this time we (Melissa Wendi and I) had been traveling to nursing homes and hosptials to share worship with those who were not home for the holidays, Christ lead us to many people that needed to be touched that year.
Well this year is already awesome!! After we sang at the church, I called the hospital to see if we could come sing for my father in law, you see he had back surgery today and needs to stay in the hospital for a few days, he said yes, off we went to sing for him, and him only, we thought.
We went to Sammie's room sang three songs and went on our way, well Wendi is actually a labor and delivery nurse and at that same hosptial, so she felt lead to go to her floor and sing for a few co-workers, so off we went. As we were about to sing, a nurse came out and asked if we could sing to her patient and family too, so they brought this brand new mommy her baby, the father, the aunt and grandparents out to the hallway to hear us sing.
We sang how great is our God, and jingle bell rocks. (all this time we never know how people are taking our words or music) the aunt of this new baby began video taping us and with tears in her eyes said she was moved by the words to how great is our God. Her sister, the new mother also felt moved (thank you Jesus) Really it gets better......
so we start getting into the elevator to leave and 2 men and 1 women get in with us, she noticed Melissa's guitar, she asked if we just went around singing ti anyone, I said no, really just whoever the Lord leads us to, she smiled and we got off the elevator. They were walking about 5 feet in front of us when she turned around and asked if maybe we were suppose to sing for her, so in the lobby of Center point Hospital we broke out the guitar again...Wendi asked her if she wanted us to sing Worship song or Christmas song, she said either. So we again snag how great is our God. During this song out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimps of a lady in the corner, lifting her hands in praise with tears falling from her eyes, he husband came shortly after and put his hand on her and he also, in the middle of the hospital began worshipping out God!! After we sang the women and her family came up to us, she said she knoew Christ had put us there at that very moment to sing to her, they had a horrible week and even worse day. They had just come from a Christmas party from downtown to the hospital, that they had bad news and they were just heading home, she was thanking God for sending us to her, with that song. We then sang his eye is on the sparrow to her and her sweet family. Her husband felt lead to give us a offering which we politely declined, saying that God will bless our obdience and we had already been blessed at what had just happened, it was AWESOME.
My dear friends, why am I surprised at this moment, I don't know, we serve a faithful and wonderful God, I thank him for allowing me to be there at that time,what a sweet blessing.
I say this all the time, but I refuge to be ordinary!! I refuse, what's the point in being a Christian if you can't share him with others, its so addicting, I can't help myself.
I want more!!! I hope this story finds you with hope in your heart, pray today for God to put someone in front of you TODAY, he will, but....will you be obdient and step out in faith,or will you miss the blessing? Thank you again Jesus tonight, praising you outloud!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is the communication between the worker at the lighthouse and us. Start at the bottom because it is a email. Look at God answer prayer though this...not the answer I wanted, but the one God already knew, our story about adopting our little girl will not be ordinary, because we have put Christ in charge!!
Keep praying, I believe Marley is already concieved and on her way...somewhere

Ok, we will keep praying!!
It is just a reminder that God hears our prayers, for her to make that choice yesturday after all that praying!! He did answer another families prayers though and I know they have to be so excited!! Congrats to them :)
Keep in touch, it makes me feel hopeful to hear any news.
Have a blessed weekend!
Shelley M.


The birthmom due December 31st decided to go with another family. I am amazed at your email--clearly God was listening to your prayers to help her make a decision today and feel peace with it. I know you are disappointed that that decision was not with your family but I know that God is listening to you and your little girl is out there!

The April birth mom had to move her profile viewing to next Thursday so I will let you know just as soon as she has made her decision (this is the baby that will be 3/4 caucasian and 1/4 AA)

The March birth mom has looked at profiles but has not chosen a family and is still unsure about adoption. I'll let you know if anything progresses with that.

Stay hopeful and keep praying!


I have been praying for her all week, But God told me to pray for her all day today, don't know why, but I have been and will continue to do so. My prayer for her is that she finds peace in the family she picks (of course I pray that is us),but I trust God's timing, it is always perfect.
Im going to carry some pink baby socks in my purse all day today while I run errands to remind me to keep praying for her, I know she is feeling something today, I can feel it!
Have a blessed day
Shelley M.

Shelley,No news yet... So sorry! We are going crazy with anticipation too!Keep praying!

Any news from that birthmom?
It's friday and I have been patient all week :)
Just wondering.
Have a blessed day
Shelley McCain

Monday, December 7, 2009

My lia sophia Christmas show is tonight, all the money I make from tonight will all go to "Marley's Money", we opened this account the day after our adoption benefit concert, we have raised over $2000.00 in her account.
We are just waiting for God's perfect timing to say "GO" and we will.
I see the Finish line in this race and like I said at the concert, we will continue to run this race to the finish line praising our savior the whole way. In the end we will be able to cross that finish line with our hands raised in a V, for VICTORY!!
It was great that yesturday pastor Randall spoke a little about Victory, it was a sweet reminder!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The birthmom was scheduled to see our profile yesturday, she did not show up.
I was sad, I have this hope in my heart that maybe it was her....Marley.
Was I wrong, why did I feel this way, had I read God's message wrong, I was SAD :(
So, I chose to go to my bible get into God's word and let him remind me of his promises, she is coming he said.
So I thought, maybe because of the Christmas spririt I was feeling hope, this was the same time of year that we adopted Mason, it feels good. The smell of crisp air the Christmas music on the radio, it all feels like hope.
But I was wrong, God filled me with hope, he reminded me that his time will be perfect for us, he has not forgot about me, on my knees asking for baby girl McCain, he just has his timing and he will let me know on his watch. (that's hard for me)
So today I met with Mary from the lighthouse, my family had bought some diapers and baby clothes for them for Chritmas and some nice things for the birth moms. I told her I was a little upset about her email and the mom missing her appointment. She said one knows and you were suppose to get a email later, but she called me last night to tell me she missed her appointment due to her mother being ill. She rescheduled for this thursday to see your profile!! Really I said, yesturday I just prayed for God to show me a sign that he was still working this out for us, that I was feeling alone and show me that he was still listening. Thank you Jesus, thank you outloud..for the reminder that you hear me. We are praying for this birthmom that when she finds the right family,God will give her a peace about her choice, I can and will pray that she is Marley McCain.
Trusting in him alone....Shelley