Saturday, October 23, 2010

Well here we are, just living daily lives, a lot of it looks a lot like yours.
We get up and get Mason ready for school, feed the baby, get ourselves ready for work. We work all day come home and eat dinner and rush out the door to what ever activity we have that night.
It's just the American way, go go go, then go some more.
That's no excuse for me not writing and not updating you on what we have been going through.
We really have just been living life and trying not to think that maybe we would have to give Peanut back, for 2 months her mom did not even call. The dfs office could not get a hold of her either, she does not have a phone, so kinda hard to do.
Well she called last week and has the same story, she is waiting for a bed in a rehab place. I guess this means, she still has had no treatment and still singing the same song and dancing the same dance. Good for us I think.
The next court date is in December, the state was suppose to be having this date so that her mom could plead her case and hope to get Peanut back, but we were informed last week that they are going to ask for permanency, this would mean the start of her going up for adoption. Sounds easy and like we should get her and what's the hold up right?
Well nothing is easy with the state, she will go up for adoption and we will be considered to adopt her, but there will be a staffing,(another word for a meeting) to decide were she should go and what is best for her, the good news is that yes we do have a better chance of us getting her because of having her for 6 months by then.
After that there will be a court date, and if that goes well then we can make a court date to adopt her. I say all this to say we will be needing a lot of prayer, this is where we really need to lean on God's promises about our little girl, we keep telling people that if they try and take her away we will be moving far far away with her, like Peru, but now we have told everyone Peru, it will have to be somewhere else, we are so in love with her, that we could not give her away to anyone, we know God has a plan and most days, like our busy American way I do not think she will leave us, once in awhile I think about it and I worry, but I keep praying and telling myself she will get to be a McCain soon. I will try t0 update you better, but for now she is here with us, we love her so much and keep praying Psalms 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This has nothing to do with my adoption, just funny story.
I'm traveling this week for work and I'm in the great city of Columbia...MIZZOU!
I met with all my appts and had a few drop offs. I stopped by wal-mart to buy all of us a piece of mizzou, except for peanut, they did not have her size:(
So it was time to check into my hotel. My hotel is booked from TX. The only way they know how to book it is by the zip code I'm in.
That's the only info they have, so it's not their fault if it smells or is in a bad location, that's what mine was. I was on the 1st floor with broken blinds, it smelled horrible, and it looked a little shady on the location, it was not next to anything I saw during the whole day at being in Columbia.
I was talking to Jamie and told him I was not feeling comfortable. He told me to tell someone, which earlier in the day, the person who booked it said, if you don't like it, go somewhere else.
So I called her and said I was feeling unsafe there. She said for me to look around and find somewhere else and she would book it. So I was very thankful that I could call on a friend who is a student here. I asked her where I could stay,she told me of a place where her parents come when they visit, so an hour later I was handing my key back to the old hotel and checking into my new one, which is great, it has wi fi so I can work. It has a gym so I can workout, it does not smell and I feel safe...deep breath.
I'm so thankful right now, cause I was worried about staying in that other place for 3 days. Now I'm back to feeling excited about being here.
I have had a great day.
Pray for me to have a great day tomorrow! I need to touch some churches, so they bring lost girls to this event, so there is a chance they will leave found!!
Love ya'll