Monday, November 29, 2010

I will be saying goodbye to the fb world tomorrow and will only be updating through our blog, next wed we go to court to ask the judge for mom's right's to be terminated, keep checking in to see this journey unfold.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Strength will rise up as we wait upon the Lord, we will wait upon the Lord."

Ever thought about the words to this song? We had a guest this weekend at church who sang this song, and usually I just sing along to this one because it has good rhythm, but this week I found myself thinking about the words. Many times I find myself thinking about the words I am singing and it's hard to even sing, the Lord comes and touches my heart, like no one can. He fills me up with emotions, that I find myself wondering why he would love me so much, to have such grace on me as I walk this path called life. This path called life is not a easy one, and he did not promise it would be. But he did say that "he would never leave us or forsake us"
So what do these words mean, strength will rise up as we wait upon the Lord?
Well to me I know that for over 2 years we have been following God's plan to adopt and as I was telling a friend the other day, I remember praying for a bi-racial little girl to come into my home and let us love on her. This is the first prayer I asked for 2 years ago. We have had boys and girls of all different kinds of races, but no bi-racial girl til this last one arrived.
We have been through some tough times the last 2 years, waiting on the Lord, but I pray that you all see that while we have been through all of this, we have been waiting on him, and we still are.
We do not have a answer from him, but while we wait upon him, we know that he reigns forever, and he is are hope and our strong deliver. I know he has a answer for us, and I know that I have been human at trying to figure out his plan, I really wrack my brain sometimes, trying to look back and see who, where and when God used us to get to the point of where we are now.
The date Feb 8, is a date I can not get out of my mind. It's a date that means so many things to me, the date Journie was born, the date that little Peanut was placed into foster care with the Paulsens, the date that our social worker said was the approx date to look for her to be up for adoption, cool huh?
So while you are on this journey with us, look back, where where you a year ago? What was God doing in your life at the time, where are you now? What is is asking you to do?
Follow his plan, because at the end of the song, we will have more strength to praise him, because we sat in his presence and waiting for him to lay out the plan for our lives, you know.... the plan he has for us, not to harm us but to give us hope and a future :)
Love you all, have a great Tuesday !!

Monday, November 8, 2010

So, here is a update about our life.
We had a visit today from our social worker, she thought that we needed to have "Peanut" a least 8 months to be considered to be her adoptive parents, but after a phone call to dfs it's only 6 months.
She will have been here 6 months on Dec 16 2010. The next court date is Dec 8th, 2010 at 3:30 pm, please put this in your calendar to pray for us that day. Usually on this date, her mom is suppose to come in and say what she has been doing and ask for a extension on her rights, but because her mom has done nothing, they are asking for her rights to be terminated, could be a hard day.
So last week Jamie asked "what are we going to name her?" I said "I don't know?"
Jamie got up and went to the computer where he started looking at all these names, most of them start with a M, we still like Marley, but every time we say that name, that sweet baby that we did not get to adopt pops in our minds, kinda like it still is her name to this date, or at least to us.
It's funny to us, that we have had her for 5 months and not even had a conversation about what her name may be, it's just to hard to give her one, knowing it may be taken away from us.
I can rest assure you that I have taken it to the Lord, and I have prayed that all along he has known her name and would he please let us know what it is?
It's been fun, saying a name,looking at her and wondering if that is her name, God has given her.
by the way we are open to suggestions for a name, her middle name will be Claire, if God see's that she is to stay here with us.We like names that start with a M or a C, we also DO NOT like normal names, no maddison,or makenzie like names.It's so hard to pick names when you worked with kids for 18 years,I loved Samuel before we got Mason, but 2 weeks before we met Mason I had a Samuel, NO!!!! He was a wild man to say the least.
So what is in a name? We live with it for the rest of our lives, we write it down over and over for years and years to come. We don't usually have a choice in it, our parents give it to us, and only in hollywood have I heard of people changing theirs.
In conclusion, whatever her name is, God has already had it engraved in his heart and forever it will stay there, forever she will be his, forever he will be the same :)
Love you all,