Tuesday, September 13, 2011

35 Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35
My quiet time is in the am, God always wakes me up at least 7 minutes before my alarm goes off.  This has been happening for a long time now, and never fails I always know why he has woke me up earlier than I needed to get up, to talk to him. He knows what I'm going to say, because it is him whom I have asked what and who to pray for.
 I love this time, it allows me to wake up. To start my day off knowing that I have given my prayers to the Lord and it reminds me to pray, speaking of reminding me to pray , here is something that is annoying.......no, not God waking me up before the alarm, that is a blessing.
For as long as I can remember when we have a mission team go out our church passes out bracelets with names of the folks who are going on the trip, we wear these bracelets on our wrist and it reminds us to pray for them. Now for a girl who sells jewelry I always have on a bracelet or watch, some kind of accessory. 
Well when I get one of these bracelets, it never fails that it has some sharp edge that pokes me, at first I thought how annoying it was and it was not only bugging me, but scratching my wrist, I told a friend I was going to scar from all these bracelets I wear. Then of course God slaps me in the face with, I'm making that bracelet bug you so you will remember to pray for this person. He also tells me, that it is him that wears the permanent scar for all of us, that he sent his son to die on the cross and the scars on his hands and feet should be our daily reminder that we are forgiven forever, that whatever you have labeled yourself. thief, liar,murder,adulterer,abuser, whatever it is. If you have asked him to forgive you of those sins, that you no longer are that name. He does not even know what you are talking about, you are clean and pure, you are now his forever!! Amazing isn't is? That just makes my heart wanna sing!!
Well this was not an adoption post, but something the Lord placed on my heart, so go now children in forgiveness and be FREE :)
In Him

Monday, September 12, 2011

The verdict is in....

Friday we got up and were ready for our "staffing" the meeting was not til 1 o'clock so we had lots of time to ....worry...LOL
I did not worry actually, I was calm and ready to go, Jamie was nervous and said his stomach was a little unsettled. When we got to our destination, we were the first ones there, we had no idea where to go or in that matter who would be attending this meeting. We saw our licensing worker and let out a sigh of relief, a familiar face was a good one to see, she lead us back to the conference room and one by one people came into this meeting, I have to spare you all the details of what was said inside the meeting for it is strictly confidential and I do not want to mess things up now!!
We were told to expect to be there a min of 2 hours and we were only there for 45 minutes. With time to spare Jamie and I decided to go for a cup of coffee, he said "when will they call to let us know if we have been chose?, a week or two?" I said "oh, no they said they would let us know by the end of the day"
We were just getting into conversation when my phone rang, it was a number I did not recognize. I raised my eyebrows to my husband as if  "maybe this is them??"
As I hung up, he said "well?" They picked us I said!! Trying not to cry while sitting at the krispy kreme donut shop was a little hard, but in my heart we already knew that God had chosen us to be her mom and dad and her BIG BROTHER :)
I told Jamie ok who do we call before we post it on FB. We made a few phone calls and sent some text before posting.
So we only have one more court date to finalize her adoption, this will allow us to legally change her name and get a new birth certificate. Lots of you have already been calling her Marlie, which I love!!
Makes me think of how much I love her name, it's Marlie Claire McCain, Marlie was the name Jamie picked out. I wanted her middle name to be my grandmother's name. Her name is Claire, my grandmother passed away when I was little and I don't remember her. My mom's side of the family says I look a lot like her, long legs ,torso and we have the same smile. Kinda makes me tear up, knowing my little girl carries the same name of a lady who I resemble. I'm sure she would be thrilled that she is caring her name.

 We have a run that we are planning soon, we will have t-shirts, so if you want one let me know. you don't have to be in the run to get a t-shirt, it can just be a reminder that every time you put it on to pray for our little girl. I'm not sure on the cost yet, we have to get them priced. I will keep you updated on this. The
t-shirt sales is not for making a profit, just for fun kinda thing.
We also will be doing our worship and celebration once we find out her final court date, You read about that if you read my last post.Like I said we will keep you updated as we find out more info, thanks for praying and please continue to do so.
In Him
Shelley McCain