Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ok, so here I am with my flight schedule in hand, I've pre-boarded the plane, so I'm doing it, I'm going to start this new journey in my life that God has CLEARLY planned out for me.
I told you in my last blog that I wanted to share with you what I felt like REVOLVE meant to me.
The name of the teen tour that is put on by Women Of Faith is called Revolve. This year the tour is called "dream on". I needed to get to the root of what Revolve meant to me. I have told the ladies that hired me that what will keep me going everyday is the thought that there may be a young women out there that does not know our heavenly father, we that have Christ in our hearts have a gift and I want to give it away (reminds me of a good Gaither Vocal band song) it's called....Give It Away:)
Anyways back to Revolve.
I will be staying at a hotel the next few nights and many hotels I have stayed at have revolving doors, they also have doors on both sides of the revolving door too. This is what hit me, have you ever tried to go through the revolving door by yourself? It's a little harder to do by yourself, it's kinda heavy and I know some of us have avoided that door cuz, what if it gets stuck and I look like a fool, getting stuck in the revolving door, looking like I need help....
I have seen many people go to the door on the side, it's the easier door, you can do it by yourself,you don't any assistance to open it, it's lighter than trying to get that other one spinning by yourself huh?
Hopefully you all have seen the movie ELF, we love that movie, sometimes we break it out even when it is not Christmas to just have a good laugh.
Do you remember him spinning himself in that revolving door? He went round and round til it made himself sick, he gets sick in the trash can and well.....does it all over again, he has pure joy on his face as he does it again.
We have a choice here, do we take the door that we can open ourselves, it's kinda light and we need little help?
Or do we take the heavier door, that may require alittle more umph and maybe it may make us sick at times, sometimes we need help, but the pure joy we get from doing it, we keep going, & going and going.
It is so obvious the choice I have made, Im now the event rep for the REVOLVE tour for Women Of Faith. I sure pray this hotel I stay at has a revolving door :)
God bless and please pray for the following while I'm away.

That God gives all of us safe travels and good health.
Pray for Leila as she has not been feeling well, away from her mommy is hard when your ill.
Pray for Jamie as he is home with both kids by himself!! YIKES..lots of prayer (Just kidding, I heart him so much)
For the trainers in Tx to be rested and on fire to teach us to GO....
Have a blessed night and thank you
ps the day I was interviewed for this job, it was at a hotel with a revolving door, guess which one I chose??

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iam now employed by Women Of Faith...I love saying that.
I did not look for this job, it came to me, know it's a God thing, and my heart is on fire to get started.
I fly out Sunday to do training in Texas and then return home late Tue night.
I have seen lots of my kids from past and present that I have been with. On Sunday I ran into my sweet Kelsey, who when I told her that I was leaving she gave me puppy dog eyes and told me Valley Kids would not be the same without me. I then saw a parent around the corner, this time she said "Mrs.McCain???" I said yes, she could not believe it, I had her son Brock years ago, he is now 16!! I told her I would like to tell her that it made me feel old that I had him in Elm school, but I went on to tell her that I have a student from another school who is attending MU (M-I-Z-Z-O-U), she said "really?," I said yep and I still see her, usually twice a year. She went on to praise me about how much her son loved having me as a teacher, I tried as much as I could to accept her praise and tell her thank you and that all the kids I have worked with I love, and all those kids I prayed for too, and yes even the ones that brought challenges. I tell Mason there is no bad people, just bad choices and we as humans make alot of bad ones, but we also make good ones too. So lets sit on those good choices we have made for tonight.
Anyways, I still love all my kids and it blesses my heart to hear that I was a favorite teacher. Most of all I love it, when I can feel my heavenly father singing praises over me.
I mean really, I just left a job that I have been doing for 18 years to go and do something I have never done before, but all the time he keeps whispering to me, "Oh yes, you have always done this job, telling others about me"
This is were he wants me and I know the only reason I have so much joy in it, is that he asked me to do it and I said "yes". He has got big plans for me with this company and as long as I shall live I will be employed by him!! Thank you Jesus for giving me the best job ever, telling others about you and wanting all to hear about you.
Look tomorrow to hear about the tour I will be representing it's called "Revolve" I already know what he wants me to say, so check back
Love you and sleep tight.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" Psalms 34:18

I have been reading this book called "I will carry you" It really has been a good book. Yes it's sad, but the way this family has handled this path that the Lord has laid out for them is amazing.
In one part the mother is broken, she goes to a dr appt. where she has been told her baby will not live, she is early in her pregnancy and has a choice to carry this baby or to terminate. They as a family choose to let God be the one to take this child at his perfect timing. They have ups and downs during this time, they have hope that God will heal her, but then are heartbroken when they keep getting bad results from test that are run on her. This baby they gave to God, saying we believe that you can heal her, but if you choose not to, we will praise you anyway.
I have guarded many of you from the details of having Journie die in my arms that day.
Some of them are just hard to share, there are few of you who have ever had this happen to you, you will never understand. But I can also tell you that at the time of Journie leaving this earth, her laying peacefully in my arms, her head against my chest. It was also the closest sweetest moment I have ever had with our heavenly father, he came down and whispered in my ear. "I'll take her" and in that second she drew her last breath here on earth and I know she took a deep breath in heaven. I thank him for that moment I had with her, I thank him that he chose me to be there at that time, that he chose ME to be holding her when she went to heaven. That this whole life I had been living out, he knew that whole time that I would be the one for Journie. He knew I would be the perfect one to be with her. He planned it perfectly. The sun was warm, the nurse had left. A sweet blue and black butterfly had landed seconds before she died, forever I will love blue and black butterlfies, in memory of my sweet baby Journie Unique Price.
She did have a Journie and she was very Unique, but it was HE that paid the Price for us.
If you go to youtube and type in "I will carry you" It's by Selah, there is a video of this family who went through this, the babies name is Aubrey Caroline. It's a great song of a time of Grief and a time of Joy.
I love you all,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Song of Solomon 1:3
Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the maidens love you.

I went to the school I work at in the fall yesterday to show residency to the office so that Mason can go to school there. When I walked in I could not help but smile, the smell.... the smell of my school, where I would go 5 days a week and spend many hours playing with kids and building relationship with parents and staff. It smelled GREAT! I love summer more than anything, Im one who can hang out by the pool or in the lake all day, I never complain that it is too hot, I am a SUN lover!!
But, I could not help but not want to go back, now I'm excited about a new year, what will this year bring? Last year was a hard one, but still so many blessings to count.
So, I was telling my summer co-workers about this smell and at the same time I am in a chapter in my book that is talking about Mary washing Jesus feet with a whole bottle of perfume.
That back in the day 2 or 3 drops would have been enough, but they think that she knew that he needed the whole bottle so even after his death, the aroma from the perfume would fill the empty tomb. Sounds nice huh? Can you imagine what that scent will be? What is your favorite scent? I have a few, Mason after he has showered and put on lotion, the smell of Peanuts neck after a bath, my husbands pillow after he has left for work, and yes even for someone who does no caffeine, I love the smell of coffee beans!!
So all those smells that I love, I'm sure it will never even compare to the smell of our savior, maybe all those favorite scents of yours are a reminder of Jesus, that he is there with you always. I'm giving you permission to go buy something with a great scent to it, TODAY.
Place it somewhere you can smell it often, then every time you get a wif let it be your reminder that our heavenly father delights in your scent too as you follow his path he has laid out for you.
For I am a SON lover.
Have a blessed day

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remember your word to your servant,
for you have given me hope.
My comfort in my suffering is this:
Your promise preserves my life.
Psalm 119:49-50

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I hate missing church, it is one time I look forward to the Lord speaking through Randall (our pastor) to tell me something to live on for the week. Mason ran fever last night and knew it was best for him to rest today, which usually is hard to keep this kid down, but not today he is on his 3rd movie in our bed, that in itself is a miracle.
So to keep myself entertained I came downstairs to do my P90X video, after doing this video I saw out of the corner of my eye a stack of cds. I rummage through a few, which are very old and came across a Selah cd Jamie and I use to always sing to as we went on road trips. It's odd because I'm reading that book "I'll carry you" the person who wrote this book is married to a singer in Selah.
I could not help but put it in and listen to "You are my hiding place" I love that song.
During this time Mason came down and said, "mommy, Im still thirsty. He has had 2 spites and 2 gatorade and some off brand of a kool-aid drink.
I told him I would be there in a min to make him something else.
Right then on youtube starting playing, "this is the air I breathe"
My heart immediately was hearing from God. He was telling me to be thirsty too.
I looked up scripture and here is what I'm living on today, hope it blesses your heart too.

"If anyone is thirsty,let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow within him" John 37:38
Amen :)