Monday, March 29, 2010

Today has been so sweet.
Yesterday I found a curtain rod that I liked online, it was kinda pricey, but I liked it alot.
So I slept on it. Today I got one at Hobby Lobby for $6.00!!!
I found a cute decor pillow at target for $5.00 and some sheer curtains for $5.00 each.
Today my mom and I went to hobby lobby to look for a wide piece of ribbon to hold back the curtains in the middle, we had a 40% coupon. So we found a really pretty color teal ribbon, so cute!
So I got three yards of that, then noticed that all frames were 50%, so I looked through those and found a great one for the baby room, next to the rocking chair we are putting this frame and in the frame is pictures of our foster babies, you know they really have been our path to get to Marley, they mean so much to me, as I printed out new photos today to put in the frames, it gave me a sweet moment to just ponder on their sweet faces. How just for sweet Journie who now has her butterfly wings in heaven with our heavenly father, I miss that smell of her coming right our of the bath and just getting to snuggle on her til her oxygen levels were ok enough to finish getting her dressed for bed. She is getting her own butterfly painted on the wall, just for her:)
How Evan was our first foster child, oddly enough, Jamie went to work that day and told a co-worker that he was fostering his first baby this week, this co-worker had a sister and brother in law that were adopting this week, really......Evan was her to be nephew, cool huh?

Franklyn, not alot to say about him, just look at those dimples... He stole my heart when he arrived at 10pm one night, dirty and hungry. His clothes were too small, so Jamie ran a warm bath and I fixed him a bottle. He just laid in my arms like he was totally trusting me to take care of him.
Addison, she came to us the week after Christmas and she was a great baby, she never cried.
I felt heartache for this adoptive family. After us having her for a few days, her young mother changed her mind and she decided to keep Addison.
And sweet beautiful Leila, she is still in foster care with Kay, she has a journey still ahead for her, but we promise to love on her, for God already knows her future and that we can stand firm in his promise that it will be a future of hope :)
WoW, this was fun and I give God all the Glory for all of these blessed moments I have had with these babies. Alot of people tell us we are great people for doing what we do, but friends let me assure you it's is us that are the blessed ones.
Thanks for going down memory lane with me today.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm giving my hopes and dreams to you, believing there is so much more!!

Update from meeting the birth mom....
It went GREAT!
We were sitting in the car getting ready to go in,when Mason said "I'll pray."
His prayer "Lord,let this be my little sister Marley, Amen"
If only we all had child like faith, he said it all, that's all we needed!!

The people that were there, the adoption coordinator, another lighthouse worker, she hangs out with the birth mom's, the birth mom.....the three of us.
Julie said she likes to start out in prayer, in her prayer she mentioned Jeremiah 29:11., (funny that's the verse we lived on for Mason)
So we began just talking,there was not a awkward moment. Mason charmed us all, he was asked how excited he was to be a big brother, and he responded with "yes,when she is 3 and has a nightmare, she can come into my room and sleep with me, I will protect her"
Mary told the birth mom that Jamie and I both sang, Mason chimed in with "I sing too" the lighthouse worker said oh you do, will you sing for us? He said "yep" He sang Twinkle Twinkle little star to all of us, so cute.
Mason really ran the whole meeting, he gave the birth mom a build a bear he had made at the store and she LOVED IT! She had never heard of build a bear, so he told her how you pick it out, stuff it, kiss the heart and make a wish,put it inside,wash it,dress it and name it. She told him thank you 4 times before we left.
We found out that the birth mom is great in school and also enjoys dancing and playing volleyball, she is the peacemaker in her family as well as in the Lighthouse. She has one younger brother who is 10 and her and her brother live with her aunt, she will live at the lighthouse until the baby is born.
So we finished up about an hour later, and a lighthouse worker asked if we could close in prayer and did anyone fell lead to pray? Jamie pointed at me and said "Shelley always feels lead to pray"
So I switched spots with the worker so I could pray over our birth mom. I prayed for her and spoke on that I know one of the workers mentioned Jeremiah 29:11 over this baby, but not to forget that God also has a plan for her!! That he has hope and a future for her.
I prayed that we would never forget her, and told her we would tell her little girl that her mommy loved her so much that she wanted to make sure she had the best life. I prayed for friends and family would surround her during this tough time.
So we started to give our hugs and start saying our goodbyes when Mary said "well we will call you, when she goes into labor" I said ok, so do we wait til the baby is born then come to the hospital? and the birth moml said, no I want you there... oh, ok I said, when deep down I wanted to shout "YES!!!"
So, Mason and I came home that day and made a chain, it hangs on Marleys door, a chain for everyday til Ariel's due date. Everyday he cuts one, and gets to watch the chain gets shorter and shorter, funny thing about it, when we made it, it stood to the exact inch of how tall Mason is...
The first thing he does in the morning is cut that chain, We also like as we walk down the hall, that the door to her room is open and we can see that chain, it reminds us every day to pray for her.
Keep praying, we are on that last stretch to the finish line!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today is the day, I won't worry about tomorrow
I'm trusting in what you say ....Today is the day :)
This is a song we sang yesterday in church, but I'm living it today.

We meet with our birth mom today, so far no cancellation. So that is a plus.
I'm just wandering what the bm looks like?
I'm wondering what she is worried about,or who has been loving on her during this process?
So today is the day, so would you please lift us all up in your prayers today?
Thank you :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kay was on her way to the hospital to pick up the little girl, when DFS called her and said that they found a foster family that is going to take both of the kids.
So, they will get to stay together,which is good.
Those poor babies, keep praying for them, that baby must be a fighter,her condition is worse than what I had heard, lots of broken bones!!
Just keep them in your prayers along with Leila, she is still with Kay, I did get to give her some kisses today and she had on the cutest PINK tennis shoes, I CANT WAIT FOR THAT!!

We meet with our birth mom on Monday at 3:30 so we pray God opens and closes doors as his will is being played out here on earth.
Thank you and love you all :)
they are placing that 2 month old baby girl with my friend Kay, so, I'm taking Leila for the day so she can go pick up this little one from the hospital, thank you Lord!!
I'm so glad I will get to see her and love on her too, thank you for Kay who has the same heart as myself, who can not stand to see these little ones who are broken.
We together are going to love on these foster babies.
The little boy they are leaving in the children s shelter home, they will let Kay know if they need her to come and get him at a later date.
Due to her having 2 little ones under the age of 2.
Keep praying for them!!!
Thank you :)
Babies need me and I need them,
got a horrible email about 2 kids that need a foster home
16month old boy and 2 month old girl.
The boy is in a shelter home and the girl, at childrens mercy, she has baby shaken syndrome,two broken legs and a fractured arm!!
I want to run up there right now, put her in my arms, be Jesus to her right now, hold her like a mommy should and kiss her, tell her she is safe in these arms, Jesus' arms.
I called and told the dfs worker that we are waiting on our own little girl and could not commit to these siblings full time, but I would leave right now to hold her, we would do respite care for them,we would babysit for them, anything to help.
My heart yearns for these children. I love all my kids, my nieces, my kids at work, the kids at church, but my heart pours out to these children who do not have someone to love on them, who are without a mommy and daddy. This is my heart, my passion, I want to GO right now.
Im waiting for a phone call back from the worker...please pray for these children.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting into my bible and bible studies today,had two appointments, canceled them both.
Need a day to recoup and just sit in the father's presence,ya know "be still"
Hope everyone has a great Monday and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Felt shaken yesterday, nothing about adoption,but about a long burden that has been heavy on my heart and someone else in this world. My heart is still hurt.
I know we are suppose to forgive and I'm usually really good about it, but really, I can't let go still, even after being approached yesterday. I still am hurt and now all those feelings have arose, what now?
I know forgiving her will set me free,but for some reason I can't. I can't let it go, it hurt to much.
My husband and I knew what financial security felt like, now we don't.
Most of you are scratching your heads wondering what I could be talking about, and it's ok, you don't have to know, but I do want you to pray for me and this person, she hurt me and I need to find peace about it, will you pray for the both of us?
It's easy I think to just push things aside that hurt us, but it takes a lot more to deal with them and let them go, so again pray for me to let it go. She said sorry, why can't I leave it there? Forgive her and be done, sounds easy huh? , but it's not.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just giving you all a update from the McCain household.
We are meeting our birth mom on the 22nd of this month. It all kinda seems surreal right now.
I'm not scared or worried, Im not even anxious.
I'm kinda at peace, and I don't know if it's just me guarding my heart,that until papers are signed and she is here that I can celebrate, or if God has given me that peace.
I know I had this peace with Mason too, lots of things could have gone wrong with him, but we really did not know any different, so we just went with it.
This time around we know ALOT more, and I don't know if that is good or bad, probably neither, just different.
So keep praying for us, we are at God's mercy, we trust him and know that he has heard our many prayers, we also have FAITH that he is sending us a little girl named Marley Claire McCain.
He already knows what she looks like, what her smile is going to be, the number of hairs on her head, he already knows her mom and dad and the desires of their hearts are to raise their children where Christ comes first. We are just waiting patiently on him.
Hope you all have a blessed day, love ya'll :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ok, new post for those who are not here.
We did have a birth mom from the Lighthouse choose us...we have had this happen before and she change her mind, so.....if God willing :)
But there is more than one baby that needs a home.
Would you please pray for God to open the doors he wants us to walk through, and slam shut the one's that are not for us. We will do whatever he ask of us, WHATEVER.
God hears your prayers,please keep them coming.
Thank you !
The McCain family

funny from Mason.... "hey Mason how would you feel if you had two sisters?"
"ummm no thanks, they would be TOO annoying"
"Yes,but then they would play with each other and not bother you as much"
Ok, I guess that would be ok"

Monday, March 1, 2010

I know, I know.... some of you have asked, but we have heard nothing yet, so I will let you know.
For now please be in prayer, we have a young girl seeing our profile tomorrow, then keep praying for baby Leila, I asked her other foster mom if I could have her for a day or two, i need to snuggle with her. Also prayer for one more baby girl.
Please pray for all these birth mom's too, they have some tough decisions to make here soon.
Love ya'll