Thursday, March 31, 2011

ok, so I would have to post over and over on fb to fill you all in.
So, I'm going to fill you in on my blog.

Today as many of you know is my last day with the revolve team, oh I how I loved doing this job, I felt so complete doing it, I never would have considered myself a sales person, but when you are passionate about what your selling, and in my case the opportunity to have teen girls learn about Jesus Christ, well what could be better than that? It was never about the ticket sales for me, it's only a number, but every time I went out to sell tickets, I prayed first that God would lead me to the right places to reach the girls who needed to be at the event. He is always so faithful and came through. At my event here in KC there was over 6 thousand teens in the arena, and over 1700 made a first time choice to trust Jesus Christ as there savior, PRAISE GOD!!!
So for a year now, Jamie has been looking for a new job, there is nothing wrong with the one he has now at Fox, he has been there 12 years and Fox has always been good to him. He has had his heart tugged on for over a year to look into the Police Academy. For a long time I blew him off, told him to stay at Fox, he was safe there and it paid the bills. He finally convinced me when he told me it was something God had laid on his heart and felt like he needed to pursue it as obedience. I know that sometimes God will ask us to do things just to see if we will do them, if we will follow through with what he asks, he may not really have that certain something even in his will, but he is just testing us. So, Jamie has applied for a few positions at Police Academies and even at different news stations outside the state of Mo. I was excited when he found a position that was open in Texas working with ESPN, this job is what he does here, but with sports, hello, that screams Jamie!! but, after filling out the application we heard nothing from them. but.....he has heard back from 2 police academy's the last 48 hours. Both who are interested in going the next step with him. There are many steps, testing and physical fitness test, background screening ect ect, at any time God can close the doors and say ok, you did well faithful servant, go back and work at Fox.
With me being out of a job as of tomorrow and Jamie searching, we just feel in our hearts that now is the perfect time for us to be completly open to our future, we both feel a stir taking place. I have been digging for answers from the Lord, we are following hard after him. Please believe me when I say that we want NOTHING but God's will. BUT, whatever that will is, the answer from us is YES, what would happen if we did this our way? we may miss the blessing and that to me is heartbreaking. God knows our hearts, he knows our desires, we will continue to seek him and follow him all the way to the finish line, like I have said many times before." With our arms raised in a V we shall cross that finish line in Victory !!"
Here is the reading I have read today, perfect for us today.
"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble,
Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted among the earth. Psalms 46: 1 & 10
"Taste and see that I Am good"Psalms 34 :8
“Then you will know which way to go,
since you have never been this way before.”
Joshua 3:4a (NIV)

Dear Lord, thank You for Your promised presence. It comforts my heart to know that I am not alone. Lead me, Lord, through the unknowns in my life. Make Your path clear and I will follow it. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

So I was getting ready to close out this post when KLOVE just called my house thanking us for being a listener, and wanted to let us know that today they would be praying 3 times in their chapel, wanted to know how they could pray for us? Cool huh? God's always on time, is he not?

Just then I got a text from Jamie's cousin saying she was praying for Peanuts adoption to be on the fast track. When I hung up the phone I looked up to the TV to see Marlee M, from the apprentice on the Nate Burkus show, hello her name is MARLEE...... ok so we have a different spelling, but not doubting God is right in front of my face today, this is what happens when you seek the father, he is there all the time, he is waiting for us to seek him so he can show off.
Praise Jesus!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm back already.
God gave this to me today to share.

Jamie and I both agree that when you have more than one child, it is important to take time away from each one and give one child at a time that individual attention. Mason is the best son, he never complains, he never acts out or becomes selfish when all these babies have been in and out of his house. He has just embraced them as much as we have, I know because of prayer this is why he is like this, I pray that Mason see's us doing God's work and taking care of the orphan children one at a time. Mason see's that, and mirrors out our actions. We also have told him God has asked us to do this, because there was about 3 months of his life that someone did this for him, and not just him, but over 50 children!
So one day we were at Bass Pro Shop, when Mason asked to climb the rock wall there, and he was saddened when he learned you had to weigh 50lbs to do so, he was not even 40lbs at the time and knew it would take a lot of sushi and shrimp to pack on 10 lbs to that kid.
So Mason now weighs 51lbs, and he is 51 inches tall, a pd an
I knew what we were going to do with our afternoon out with just him,daddy and I.
We are going rock climbing!!
I took a college course at IBEX which is in Blue Springs, it's a indoor rock climbing business. I remember taking the class with a friend, because I'm afraid of heights and thought this would help. Which it did, til the class was over, I'm still scared of heights.
Jamie and I picked Mason up from school, dropped Peanut off with my folks and we were headed there, Mason has been looking forward to this for over a week now, so he is giddy in the back seat, with wide eyes with anticipation.
Jamie and I had to take a 30 minute class first to become certified climbers before Mason could climb. He knew this in advance that he would have to wait before climbing, but nothing can prepare a 7 yr old til he is sitting on the bench watching others climb, while mom and dad are learning to tie knots, so we are all safe on this adventure. (Jamie loves I always come up with these odd things to do take on)
Anyways, he is on the edge of his seat the whole time, they have a kid wall he can practice on upstairs,but every 5minutes he comes down to see if we are "DONE YET?".
So it's time, we can climb, Jamie suggest that I climb first, cuz "you know I'm a pro I did this before", yeah like 20 years ago!!
So I'm not going to chicken out, I'm going to do this, so one step at a time I reach for a rock, always looking for the one my hand fits around perfectly, one that is big enough to hold my foot. I make it to the top and yell "tension", which means Jamie tightens the rope, I can lean back and he will lower me down. I have been with this man for 20 years and I never felt so scared as I did at that moment "I really hope he has the tension on, or I'm going to fall off this rock to my death, and I really am worth more alive than dead, I don't have life insurance, no reason for him to drop me on So he yells "tension on" and I sit back slowly not wanting to let go of the rock for I'm scared what may happen when I do, "does he have me?, what if I fall ?"
I leaned back and I could feel the rope tighten, "he does have me, YES!" I lowered safely to the ground and we all switch places. Mason of course climbs up and down the rock like spider man. We kept singing "go spidy go" Jamie then took a turn and he is also afraid, he has never done this before and for a man who once weighed 355lbs, no one has ever had to carry him, now his not so strong wife was suspending him in the air with nothing holding him up there but a rope, and I was on the other end of that (insert witch laugh here, because he is worth more dead than
So when he came down after his first attempt, he said "oh my gosh that is scary, I did not want to look down, my arms began to shake and was scared you could not hold me", but I did and we had a great night of taken turns and just enjoying each others success as we accomplished harder walls to climb.

Here is what God is saying to me,

Child I know you are scared and frightened I don't have you. You are wondering what the future holds for you aren't you?
Well as you reach for that rock that perfectly fits in your hand, that rock is my hand, my hand has been here the whole time, just stretch out your arm and I will always be here to guide you to the top.
"ok, are you sure?"
Really I have you, you have to let go, lean back and feel the rope tighten, feel it? That's me.
"alright, I feel a bit safer, now what?"
Child lean on the edge of your seat, wait for me wide eyed with anticipation, I have this amazing journey for you ahead. Daughter, I'm not telling you it won't be scary and like the rock, it may even leave you a few scrapes and bruises, but in the end as long as you have trained, and practice, you will see my plan that I have laid out for you, and together we will soar.
"Thank you Jesus"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm here, I'm here, I really am here. I know MANY of you have asked for a blog, so here it is. I almost can not type fast enough for all the things I have to say. I have been on fb like 4 times a day to just keep everyone up to how my heart feels, when I realized I just needed to write it out, it's like therapy for me.
Ok, so Peanut first. Here is the latest, she does have an adoption worker, this means that she has someone who is now taking over the case to see that she gets adopted to the "right" family,because we have had her for so long, we get preference in the staffing. The staffing is the meeting they will have to determin if she is to live with us, or with her half brothers and their dad. I know this sounds a little scary and I choose not to go into detail why they may not pick him out of respect. We have only met him a few times and is always so sweet. The first question out of his mouth, is how is her health, which we all know is a miracle by God. She is doing GREAT!!
There is A LOT of paper work that goes into all of this, so that's the part we are waiting on the most. Our lawyer tells us we could be doing this for another 4-6months. I know that sounds like a long time, but we have been looking to adopt another child for 2 1/2 years, remember it's all in God's timing and I am not going to question his timing, it is always perfect :)
So, next Mason...he is just a stud muffin! He is doing great in school, the kid can soar at anything that consist of a ball. His football team "The Wildcats, went undefeated and won the Superbowl.
Then onto the next ball, basketball, where they went undefeated also, because of their age they do not keep score til next yr, but well Papa John was always keeping score, they never lost a game and Mason was always a star player.
One night my folks took him to a MU basketball college game and he came home telling Papa John he was going to play this sweet move he saw there at his next game. The move was, he got the ball, ran it all the way down the court, he faked like he was going to shoot it, ducked so the kids behind him would try and knock it out of his hand, when that kid landed back on his feet, Mase went up and shot the ball right in, such a fake out move. We laughed as he looked at Papa on the side line and said "see told you I was gunna play that"
Everyday he does or says something that we laugh at. And as for Peanut and him, she adores him to death, the way she lights up when he comes in the door, she even calls him "ba'ba".
He loves her too, he is always kissing her and saying "bubby loves you Peanut", kinda makes me tear up telling you that, he has got such a sweet heart.
For Jamie, well he is doing ok, he is working at fox 4 still. He has started to look for a new job, he knows God has another plan out there for him, but God has not yet reveled that to him, so right now he is applying at other jobs and just being patient to see what his path laid out for him is.
Now for me......well as of March 31st, I will no longer be with the revolve tour. My job was seasonal and was suppose to end at Christmas time, but God was so good and they kept me and only me, til just now. The events all all wrapping up and they are not sure what the 2012 year holds yet, so they can not keep me on not sure if there is a position available for me in the fall. God has got it all planned out and I have to just trust in him. This is a perfect time, for us as a family to panic and say "what do we do?, where shall we go?"
but I have been telling Jamie, I have never sought God more when it came to my job and my future. My prayer today was that whatever it is, I will be content with whatever path he has laid out for me, from staying here and working full time, to up and moving my family to where ever he leads us. Everyday God has been telling me something to live on, the day before I got the news about my job, was a verse on being content, really? I was content what was he talking about....oh now I see, just needed to wait 24 hrs for
Then the day of the "talk" with my supervisor, the verse was Joshua 1:9 "have I not commanded you?, be strong and courage's, do not tremble or be in dismay, for the Lord you God is with you where ever you go"
See I was nervous about that talk, I already knew what was going to be said, I did not try to pray the choice away, I just prayed, "ok God if this door closes, than another will open and that is where you want me, ok, so what journey are we going on now?"
Kinda scary a little, kinda fun too.
The next day, seek his guidance, the next, strength in times of trouble, the next, the Lord upholds you get what I'm saying?
No matter what situation you are in, if you give it fully to the Lord, he will speak to you.
I'm not saying this is not going to be hard, I'm saying, we as a family are going to seek and pray for God's will, what ever that may be we will follow and the answer is yes Lord. How do people with no faith get through times like this? I really don't know, but as for me and my house , we will serve the Lord.

I will keep you posted on what God has laid out for us, until then.
the McCain's are patient, the McCain's are kind, the McCain's do not envy they do not boast, we are not proud. The McCain's are not rude, and we are not self seeking, we are not easily angered and we will not keep records of wrong doings.
The McCain's do not delight in evil, but we do rejoice with the truth. The McCain's will always protect always trust, always hopes and ALWAYS persevere.