Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peanut is 6 months old today, I love her :)

Ok so here is todays blog and its a good one.
I try, and notice I said try to pray everyday that God uses me, sometimes I forget and sometimes I remember. Sometimes I remember to pray it, but forget to look for the opportunities to do so.
So.... this morning during my quiet time, I remembered to ask him to use me today.
My pray was "Dear Heavenly Father, use me today for your work, let me be the light today to someone who is sad, even if it is to give them a smile on a crappy day, or something bigger. I am yours to use today here on earth.
So I went to work and praised many kids on there good choices, was nice to my co-workers, which is not hard to do I love them.
But still nothing felt like "it"
So I went about my day ran some errands and went to stop in at Dollar General for some icing for Jamie's birthday cookie cake ....YUM!
It was the only item I needed, but me being me I looked at the baby items they had.
Well let's go back to me walking in the door so you know how "it" happened.
I was opening the door when a elderly lady was coming out, so I greeted her with a smile and held the door for it , nope not this...wait for it.....
Then as I started in another lady was walking out with a cart, that was not fitting through the door, so I went back and opened both doors so she could fit, she said thank you also and went on her way.....still
So I walked in the door and a worker said, good afternoon, welcome to dollar general. I smiled back said hello, asked how there day was, as I was walking to the aisle I needed.
NOPE, NOT it is.....
I was looking at the baby clothes when the manager approached me. He asked if he could compliment me on something he noticed. I said yes, he said as soon as I entered their store, he could feel joy surrounding me. He said theses are tough times we are facing in the world, he was just amazed at the spirit of joy that was around me as I entered the store. He said he could have not said anything, but he felt in his spirit that I had blessed him that day. He said he knew that he was suppose to come tell me. Ok, so I'm kinda fighting back tears as he tells me this, but all I could say was "thank you for sharing with me, and I appreciate your compliment. You have no idea what that meant to me"
He replied with "I just felt like I was suppose to tell you how you made me feel"
OMGOSH, I checked out with my two items and no, I refrained from getting anything for the baby. But I walked out with a FULL HEART, I was thanking Jesus from the moment I opened the door to leave. I could not wait to call Jamie and tell him what had happened.
You never know when God may use YOU to change someone's day or their heart or their lives!!
What a blessed day I have had!!
Ask God to use you today, then look for the opportunity
I love you all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today is Monday the 26th of July. Peanut has been in our home 2 months now,does not feel like it.
I have had some photos that I had taken of her developed and man, they look so different from the first time we had her in our care, she has really grown, and we still look at her and think how small she is for being 6 months old this week.
I started reading a book last night my mother in law gave me, it's called " I'll carry you"
While I'm reading it, it kept popping into my mind, I needed to write in my blog. Many of you have said that my blog needs to be a book, and even one friend said she new the title would be called "Journie" like our sweet Journie that now lives in heaven with our savior. I don't see myself as a writer, just someone telling our story. I'm always open to what the Lord leads me to do, so if it's a book, lets put our tennis shoes on and lets go. As I sit here and write I have my tennis shoes on, not to run, but to walk for a short while today.
I laughed when Debbie handed me the book yesterday, for our friend was standing there and said it was a great book ,she cried the whole way through " I said well I'll pass then, geezzz who wants a book they are going to bawl through? Truth is my friends, my family could easily bawl through our past too. It's what we have chosen to do with theses storms that makes the difference. God made Jamie and I a promise to send us a little girl. Do we already have her in our home?? We dont know, but whenever the timing, it will be great. Better than we planned.
So, keep plugging into my blog and I'll keep plugging into his word.
Have a blessed day loved ones :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It is by no mistake that my knee is injured right now. For those of you who have been following us and this adoption marathon. You know that I have always felt a need for running. I use to be a runner in high school, then I went into a time where I was obsessed with doing aerobic classes, then after Jamie lost all his weight, I started lifting weights with him. I then started doing it all.
Running 3 days a week,weights too, then on Saturday's I did yoga with a friend. When we started fostering I started doing P90X, alot of you got to see me post on FB daily on my P90X workout, which was killer, but I loved the results, felt like I could go 24/7.
So in Feb. I fell and hurt my right knee. I have not done cardio since then, it has sucked!!
For those of you who do workout, it's very tough to go from working out all the time to none at all.
It messes with your brain too.
So today on the way to church I was listening to the radio, when I heard exactly what I needed to hear.
That this is part of my race, I was working so hard at working out, and I know what it feels like to be sore from a tough workout, believe me, if you don't get one training session with my husband, he is not easy on even his wife.
We have kinda been on stand still with adoption, while we wait to see what happens with Peanut's future, we still have our name in at the Lighthouse, but have not had one call since the disappointing news of our birthmom changing her mind.
Either way, this is my time to reflect and refresh, this is my time to be still and know that he is God, to look back and see where God was and is still working. He told me today that my race is not finished yet and he will be asking me to get back up and run another lap or two, but until then....just chill.
So while it's hard for me to not workout like I'm use too. I will use every opportunity to look for what Christ has in store for me, I will wait for doors to open and doors to close. I can't wait to get back out there and run and to feel the ground under my shoes. I will wait for God's timing,which will be perfect....wait on him friends it will be worth it!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I posted earlier on my fb that there was alot of prayer request posted today on fb, so we needed to pray, so did you??
If not, it's never to late to do so. I do alot of praying while I'm in the shower, it is quiet and no one is bothering me. I always am filled with a song to sing after I pray in the shower and yes alot of the time I sing outloud whatever song is put into my heart. It is a good way for me to start the day, to let God know that I want him to be in control of whatever happens that day. I also always ask God to use me to change someones day somehow, whether its paying for the Starbucks for the person behind you, or just smiling to the walmart checker behind the counter, who looks less than thrilled to be there. We never know what kind of day that person may have been having, but I know if I ask Jesus to use me, and I obey, I will change someone's day, and that is fulfilling.

Tonight was our first wed, this is where we meet at church and just pray and worship.
So when you walk in you get a little card to write prayer request on, after filling it out you place it on the steps and others are welcome to walk up pick up a card, one at a time and pray for whatever is on the cards. It may be for themselves, it may be for a neighbor or a co-worker.
Jamie and I had one, we ask for people to pray for our friends who are in need of a new home.
So Jamie and I went up to the stairs grabbed and prayed over a few cards, when God told me to pray over Peanut, who we were holding at the time, I could not pray, I just cried. Jamie prayed over her and I felt better about that. He prayed that we could have her, but he also said thank you for letting us have her for this time, if she is not to be ours. It was one of those nights, that after I came home I felt exhausted. If you are close to Christ like that and know what I'm talking about, I know some of you do. I can remember many times that Melissa,Wendy and I went to pray or sing over someone and had to go home and take a nap, because we were so tired.
I would never change that feeling for the whole world. I just pray that one day you will know that feeling.
Love you all

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's has been awhile since the last post, and life has just been happening.
We love living thois life of family of 4, Peanut just fits here, she is just like Mason. Laid back, nver cries, goes with the flow, and always so happy.
Her mom was suppose to have a visit with her today and for the second time in 2 months, she did not show up. This time her mom did call saying she was waiting on a ride to bring her, but after the worker waited an hour for her to show up, she left. As soon as she left her mom called and said she was coming. The worker said she had been waiting an hour for her and was not going back, she would have to try and reschedule at a different date. I stopped to think about that for a minute, "you mean she does not have a car?, or her license has been taken away?
How would she get Peanut to all her dr appointments if she had no transportation? I guess she would be an hour late for those too? I dont know about you, but most dr dont wait for patience, we are always waiting for the dr.
Seems kinda funny, Jamie and I are the patience in this story and God is the Dr, we are waiting on him to show us the perfect timing.
We will just continue to take our daily meds (pray and be in his word) until the time comes. Hope everyone had a safe and Great Fourth Of July!!
Until next time-God Bless