Thursday, December 16, 2010

So what is moving? We move houses, we move states, we move our bodies, we move our mouths (sometimes too
A friend from work is moving as I type this, she lived in California, then moved home to help with family, and now she is moving back to California, I'm actually really jealous of her move, I'm not fond of the cold weather in KC, never have been, but because my family and lots of my friends live her I have not moved. God really has never said move in a big way to me either , so I stay here, living out the life he planned for me. Just so we are crystal clear if God told me to pack up my family and move to Africa, I would. I love all of you very much, but what would I be missing if I did not move?, and most of all what would I be missing that God had planned for me?
Today a friend from the lighthouse told me she was moving on, she is no longer going to work there. I know God has placed her in my life for a reason, she cried with me the day I had to hand the baby back, she prayed for us as we have been down this rocky road of adoption.
but weather you are in a hard spot in life right now,or just enjoying the view for a moment, God is ALWAYS moving in our lives. Right now as you read this, he is touching your heart isn't he?
He is moving friends all the time, although he says it's ok to stop and rest, he most of the time is telling us to GO. He wants us to make disciples out of everyone we know, this human life just gets in the way sometimes. We need for a moment in life to stop moving and listen for his directions, so for this moment stop, listen what is he saying to you?

Did you listen?, no that was not your conscious talking to you, that was God.
He told me today to go clean someone's house, someone who is always giving to others. She has a givers heart, but today so did I, so hopefully a clean house will allow her not to move for a moment and get to sit in Jesus precense.
I love you all and wanted to reassure you, God is moving.
Love y'all

Friday, December 10, 2010

God does answer prayer and I wanted to share it with you.
The last two days, I wanted to escape from life, I really would have been better to stay in bed and not talk to anyone, I'm glad that I refuse to be ordinary and tell you all that I was just pissed off and from a few of you, you said thank you, which meant it was ok to be human and...normal.
So you are welcome :)
I asked for prayer for strength and I got it today, on my way to the dr this morning, I felt at peace, Peanut has never looked or been more sweet this last two days,she actually got pink eye and I had to take her to the dr, so in the dr office we got to snuggle, just by ourselves.
Then I have had a little more one on one time with her, since I'm always washing her hands and eyes due to her infection. Today I had to go to the dr for my knee, which I got a cortizone shot in (not so much fun) since she has an eye infection, she had to go with me,so we had another day together so far. She was so sweet to the dr, he remembered her from my last visit, 6 weeks ago.
He asked if we adopted her yet. (he remembered) I thought that was amazing, he see's many people all day long and remembering her, made my heart smile. We talked about it and he told us we were good people for what we did and wished us all the luck, in getting to keep her.
She also was a cute distraction from the 5 inch long needle going into my KNEE!!!
On my way home I was feeling a little exhausted from the knee thing and my sugar was drained from the nerves I had a the dr office, so we went by chick fil-a and then we went to a movie.
She has never been to a movie before, but being 10:30 in the am, I thought it would not be crowded and we could snuggle some more. I was right there was only 8 people in the whole theater, including us. I sat her in the chair next to me and tore up some french fries in a little cup for her, and put them in the cup holder, she would lean forward take a fry lean back smile at me and put it in her mouth, she did this for the first 20 minutes (til the fries were gone)
Every time music played on the big screen she would bop up and down, so sweet.
About 30 minutes into the movie she crawled her way into my nap leaned back and just watched the movie, moment later she went reaching for her binky, and fell asleep.
She was perfect in the movie, I sent Jamie a photo of her sitting in the big seat all by herself.
He loved it.
We then ventured home and I got a sweet text from a friend with encouraging words from her, plus a text or two from family saying they were praying for us today.
So prayer was answered, I have strength today! I feel pretty darn good, I feel very lucky to be with her right now,(as I type this she is crawling all over me looking for more attention) So thanks for the prayers keep them coming, cuz just like the dr remembered her, my heavenly father remembers me too:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well today did not go as we were praying for.
Peanuts mom was able to get the judge to let her have 60 more days to "get clean"
DFS was shocked that the judge granted it for her, and so were we. The judge even asked for her to take a drug test as she left because she did not act "clean" at the hearing.
All I can possibly think of is that the court told her that she had one year to get clean. To take her rights away from her today, she could appeal and say it has not been a year, maybe the judge knows she won't get clean and so what is 60 more days?
On the other hand, we walked away upset and so confused, we were sure that all was going our way and with dfs asking for her rights to be terminated that for sure the judge would grant that, even mom's lawyer asked if she could be released from this case today because mom has done nothing to get her kids back, she was also denied from the judge.
We could all sit and scratch our heads over this one and I have had a pretty rough day asking God what his plan really is. I have so many times thought I was heading in his direction and doing what he wanted me too only to be shocked by the outcome, I still am looking for the victory he promised us over 2 years ago. I like to think of myself as a patient person who has stood tall and leaned on him in good times and in bad, but today I find myself with no strength.
I have said earlier I know that our prayers don't bounce off the ceiling, but today I almost physically wanted to touch that bumpy stuff on the ceiling to see if it was made of rubber.
I have always said I refuse to be ordinary that's why I share with you my true feelings and what I feel now. I can sit here and tell you all the "right stuff" to say, we are waiting on the Lord, his timing is perfect, everything happens for a reason, but really right now, I am not strong!!
I am very weak at this very moment as I write this. Tonight we were practicing "first Christmas" and I really can tell you that I did not feel the spirit tonight. I felt very alone,very secluded,very invisible. I sang the words and I hit the right notes, but really I was just not feelin' it if you know what I mean.
We all gathered around the room to pray and I knew Lee was praying for the people who were going to fill those seats who needed to be touched by the spirit. But as I could not control the tears as they ran down my cheeks, I felt my husbands hand grasp my tighter, for he knew that I was crying and him being the only person who knew why, well him and God.
I'm not saying that I don't believe he has a plan. I'm being real and telling you that today, well it sucked and I'm reaching out to you to pray for strength for us, I ask that you pray that God will show himself in a mighty way to remind us that he hears our cry. To be reassured from him soon is just what we need. So would you come along side of us and pray please?, I know by writing this it is healing for me, this is what I do. I refuse to pretend that being a Christian is easy it's sometimes really hard, but I know the victory will be so sweet when it gets here and you will be there with us when we get there, but for now I need "strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord"
Let me finish with telling you what I can smile about, when we left that court room this afternoon that sweet little Peanut, well she came home with us and therefore I get another day with her for now :)
Thank you friends for walking this with us.
Well today is a big day, we will meet with many people in a court room to see what the future holds for little Peanut. Please pray for us and everyone involved, we know God hears every pray, none of them bounce off the ceiling, they all go straight to him.
Have already spent alot of this morning just holding her, we let Mason stay home from school, so we really are just spending time together today as a family. I will post later the out come.
Thank you for all your prayers :)
The McCain's

Monday, December 6, 2010

Do you believe in them??
If you would have asked me that before I was a believer, I would have told you no. I would have been more on, what goes around comes around kinda thinking.
It's so odd to even think that maybe I would not believe in miracles today, I know many don't, and I need to remember those who don't think there are any miracles. I can easily be stuck in my own world, focusing on my own miracles waiting to happen. But the point to be here on this earth is to get others to believe in miracles too, right? To come along side of them and show them God's love, to walk life together, and help point out the miracles in their own lives, to teach them how to do the same.
God is performing miracles everyday, did you stop and see one today?, or were you so busy in your day that you missed it? Did you hear about that wreck that was on the highway, it happened 5 minutes after you passed?, did you see that deer run in front of you just in time for you to hit the breaks? You think that was by accident? ,it was not my friends, every moment of every hour God is in control, let me say that again, just in-case you were somewhere else when you skimmed past those words, Every moment of every hour, God is in control!!
Today a friend spoke on the gifts that the 3 wise men brought before Jesus after he was born, one of the gifts that they brought really caught my attention, it was Muhr, this item is what they would wrap the dead in so they bodies would not smell as they decayed. Friends, these wise men along with Mary already knew what Jesus was sent here for? He was sent here to die for ours sins, to wash them white as snow, white, not off white or tan-nish, but WHITE, so that thing that you asked forgiveness for 3 years ago, that the devil keeps bringing up, yep well God is saying to you "what are you talking about, I don't remember that? He already washed it away, he does not bring it back up after you have asked forgiveness for it. Now that is a miracle.
As you go about the rest of you day, look for those little miracles, then after seeing them, thank God for them, it blesses his heart to know that you noticed him today and gave him thanks for all that we have.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well first day away from fb, but I did my quiet time first this morning, along with working out, funny that the word I was reading today was about taking care of your body. It fit well.
Peanut, Mason and I along with my folks went to see "Christmas in the Park" last night at the long view farm. Peanut sat in my mom's lap and just took in all the lights, while bubby read everything we passed, he is a awesome reader!!
We would ask Peanut, do you like the lights, and she would clap and sign, "more"
So cute, my mom ended the day by giving us advent calendars from Russell stovers, she gave us two, I said one for Mase and one for Peanut, but she knows who is eating the chocolate from Peanuts....."well, last year Mason would not share :(
Have a blessed wed.