Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things have been off and running, we are already feeling the spirit move.
This week we called a orpahnage in St.Croix USVI and left a message to speak with them. During this time found out that they are in need of a director to come there and run the orpahnage and 50 plus staff, the requirements, umm only 5 years of child care experience with a CDA. Yep, I have that and then some.
God leads, we will follow, but really??
Then 5 min later I got a phone call from the lighthouse asking us to foster a baby this week. We of course said yes. This baby is already being adopted, so don't get your hopes up,but really all this in one day?
It makes my heart sing to know that he is right here, saying yes, keep running, I'm reminding you that I'm here and you are following my heart, Not ours.
Can I get a AMEN?
Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great week ahead and wow this summer is already passing me by. We have not spent enough time at the pol or lake for it to be almost July! We have something on our weekends til the irst week in August!!
Our foster son, Franklyn went home to his mother yesturday. Please keep them all in your prayers as this will be a hard transition for them all.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well, it's been awhile since my last psoting, but that is not because nothing has been happening. It's because we have been so busy with the adoption concert planning that I have not had a min. to sit down and write.
So here we go:
All the invitions are finished thanks to a great Friend Melisssa.
All have been mailed, we already have 16 people who have RSVP and they went out yesturday!!
The music is coming together so perfectly. God is in charge, I have asked him to be before us in evert step of the way and make this clearly all about him. He has daily been giving me words to live on. For those of you that know Christ, sometimes he speaks softly and we let his word pass us by and other times he's in our face.
He has been in my face everyday with the planning. Call these people, practice this song, ask them to be apart,don't forget to invite her....Amazing things.
So my request is to keep praying for us and our run for we will finish this race praising his name the whole way through,wating at the finish line will be Jesus saying "well done,good and faithful servant"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back home from the lake of the ozarks today. We had a blessed time. Saturday I prayed with Jamie before he went to play golf, we prayed for Victory in Jenifer's life and for her BAD rash this baby GIRL gave her:)
She is healed, I also prayed that God would show off with his beauty, jamie saw about 15 groundhogs (which are so cute) one rabbit and a large deer, only feet away from him!! He showed OFF!
I'm trying to figure out what song to do at our adoption benefit concert. The whole thing is planned and this one song,I'm struggling with. Two keep coming to mind, but hopefully after practicing them I will know. I pray God gives me goosebumps to the one he chooses. More to come later
Have a blessed day