Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I can not write all this on my fb page, so I'm writing it here.
I was packing today when I ran across the dvd my dad gave me. He recorded this dvd the night we held out benefit concert at church.
I had a chance to look back and see where God has moved. One song we sang was "love can turn the world" the quartet sang it while friends of ours who have adopted or where going to adopt sang with them, I started tearing up when I saw my friends that were standing up there with just a photo of their son because he was still in China, little Jack is now home with his family, so sweet.
Then another song that was sang was "hero", we had a video of pictures during this song,the first photo is of my sweet friend Afton, he was told he would not live but a few months, even in the photo he was over 3 years old at the time, he is well today and doing great!!
The end of that song is a photo of Jamie, me and Mason walking down a path with a large M in the background, walking to our little M, our little Marlie and I write this she is playing on my floor smiling at me, while "this is the air I breath" plays in the background. Moments like this, I feel Christ the closest to me, he is near. He knew I would find that video today and he knew I would play it, so I could have a glimpse of where we have been and where we are going.
My dear friends, God is good, he is faithful, he is just and he is who I trust my every step in life.
If you would like a copy of this dvd, just post it in my comment box.
Love you

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have a friend named Geraldine, she gave me this book that has daily devotions in it. I keep it by my make up and read one every day, yesterday's reading was"To trust God's goodness"
It was perfect for yesterday, even though in court I felt that lump in my throat the whole time, not the I'm going to cry lump, but please don't let me puke in the court room
I did not by the way, I was fine, I just prayed the whole time.
Well here is the title to today's
The best is yet to come....don't you just love that????
I sure do, funny how someone who wrote this book, never knew that me reading this last few days would come at the perfect time.
It says life is full of challenges and we do the best we can with what we have for those we love. It ask how many times do we stop and realize the best is yet to come. I can take that as my eternally life is the best that is yet to come, but for today it is all about Marlie, we are waiting for that day, the judge grants us full custody of her and gets to change her name on the court document, til then we will do the best we can, with what we have.
"trust in the Lord with all you heart" Proverbs 3:5
Love you all