Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good afternoon readers,
Hope you are all having a blessed day. I Am. We have all been very ill at the McCain household, Mason and I had bronchitis and Marlie has pneumonia. Today is the first day I feel, well....good!
I have been wanting to share a story with you and well today is the first day I have had time to sit down and do so.

"Our heartache, is someone Else's encouragement"

Two weeks ago I was checking my email, like I do usually on a daily basis. When I saw a email from someone I did not recognize, the subject read, adoption. So you know of course I opened it seeing that.
The email started out as it was a shot in the dark, but was giving it a shot.
This women who had been writing to us did not know us personally.

Two years ago when we were about to adopt a baby and the mother decided to keep the baby, this women who was writing me, worked at the lighthouse at that time. She said she was the women who held our baby at the lighthouse waiting for the birth mom to come pick her up. She said that her heart broke for us, even though she did not know us. She wondered how any couple could make it through something like that. To know a baby had been chosen for you, only to know the baby was going to be taken away.
This women remembered our last name and googled us. Scary right?
She found our article in the paper as well as my blog spot. This is how she got my email. Well she was writing me because less than a week before she wrote the email, her husband and her had the exact thing happen to them.
Her husband and her had been chosen to adopt a baby from the light house. This baby boy was going to be theirs, they were sure of it. They had no doubt about the way things went, the women even got to feed this baby his first bottle. Well this birth mom changed her mind and wanted to parent her baby. I'm sure me as well as this women does not dis-like the choice the birth mom made, but it is heart breaking!
She was looking for some encouragement and needed some healing to come from this situation. Our blog gave her that, she was encouraged to know that even after all the heart ache we had been through, that we were a happy family of 4 now!
Praise be to the Lord alone!!
She reached out to me via email for support, which I was thankful that the Lord has again chosen us to do his work.
We met for dinner and they got to meet the kids, we had a wonderful evening. Marlie loved on the women and Jamie and the husband had much in common, this man had also applied at the bspd and was in the process of getting his back ground check done ect ect.. Guess what? today I got an email from her, her husband got a job offer with the bspd!! COOL HUH?
They also have received another call about another baby too, this time they are were Jamie and I went to when we heard about babies , we would know nothing was final until the judge signed on the dotted line.
So isn't amazing to see God work?, I'm so thankful that in God's timing he shows us why we go through heartache in life. I know God's way is better and have learned to praise him in the storms even when my flesh cries out.
I'm thankful God is using us today to change the lives of others, and I'm thankful he gives me a glimpse of his agape love, that us when I just slow down enough to watch and listen.
Please join with me in praying for this couple,pray for their heartache to be diminished with God's love and pray in Gods timing to fill their arms with a child that God would so graciously in trust them with while on this earth.
Love you all!!

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