Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Short post today as I'm running out the door to go work out with my hubby at the gym.
Today I have been praying healing over my best friends husband, his name is Kevin and has been in the hospital since last wed, first in the ICU for a few days and now in a regular room. He needs your prayers for healing. This verse was brought to me by the Lord "Heal me of Lord and I shall be healed,save me and I shall be saved, for you are my praise" Jer 14:17.
As we are getting ready to sing for this Marlie celebration I have had some struggles, small and big, but today God reminded me to praise him anyways, that he has brought us thru and that he will receive the glory today and everyday from me for what he has and going to do in my life. I have to not think about what others may say or think, just praise him and he will be happy with the obedience . I pray today and every day to be a devoted follower who will unashamedly bear as his witness.
"blessed are those who keep his testimonies , who seek him with their whole heart" Psalm 119:2
We have too many lukewarm Christians, we are like manuere I once heard, put us in a pile, we stink, spread us out, we will make something grow.
So go out there today and live out loud for Christ, he deserves nothing but our best!!!
Love you

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  1. Thanks for your heart... to reflect & reveal HIM...